@tri~jon.com = living my dream to reach my full potential

Name: Jonathan Leonard Pereira

Age: 42

Philosophy: @Tri~Jon.com – Live Your Dreams. Reach Your Full Potential.

Profession: Triathlete, Swim Coach, Sport Trips Organiser

Experience in Endurance Sports: 18th Year

University: Indiana State University


Sport Management (1996-2000)

Exercise Science / Physical Education (2015-2017)

Likes: Brown Teddy Bear, Ghim Moh Prawn & Pork Rib Noodles, Hougang Western Food, Skate-Scootering, Swim, Bike, & Run.

Other Hobbies: Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Bowling, Hiking, Yoga, Chess, etc.

Quote: “MacDonalds is the Best Food for Swimmers / Triathletes. Gives us enough calories to burn. Super-Size ME!

Pet Peeve: Slurping & eating loudly at meals; handphones & sms-ing back and forth, why not just use the phone for its true purpose?

someone’s cute white teddy bear








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