Lesson Plan

credits: ted


All trainings are personalised.

I usually only teach 1-to-1 for best results. Small-group = 1-to-3 max.

Recommended to take 2 sessions per week. Add 1 practise on your own. Ideally, you have to swim at least 3x a week for any improvements to be made.


  1. “Brown_Bear” – Freestyle for Triathlon
  2. Stroke Correction for Freestyle
  3. Personalised 1-1 Lessons
  4. Small Groups Swimming
  5. Swim to Keep-Fit Training
  6. Swim to Lose Weight Program
  7. Learn-to-Swim for Kids & Adults
  8. Aqua-Running for Recovery



note: drunk bears drinking bud_light not included…..;p


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