Singapore Triathlon Union

Singapore Triathlon Union:

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Singapore Triathletes

About Singapore Triathletes:

Are you a Triathlete?

Your journey starts here….

Group dealing with Singapore triathlon issues, events, and others. May include international events as well. A place to unite all Singapore Triathletes together in one place, regardless of race, religion, nationality, triathlon clubs, teams, and others. May expand to the region in time to come. A platform for local triathletes to discuss issues, exchange training tips, network, build new friendships, and share information.

Vision & Goals:

1. To Promote the Sport of Triathlon

2. To Unite the Singapore Triathlon Community

3. Pool together limited resources & knowledge so Singaporean Triathlete/s can make it to the Olympics in Triathlon by 2024

Anyone can be a Triathlete!!!


project powered by:

Singapore Triathletes


credits: delly carr / itu


Singapore Triathlon Union:

powered by:

Singapore Triathletes – fb


International Triathlon & Multisport:

International Triathlon Union – web

Ironman – web

Challenge Family – web

Powerman – web

Xterra – web


Singapore Triathlon National Federation:

Triathlon Association of Singapore – web

Triathlon Association of Singapore – fb

Triathlon Association of Singapore – fb


Local Non-Commercial Triathlon & Multisport Training Teams, Groups, & Clubs:

Alibaba Triathlon Team – fb

ANZA Cycling – web

ANZA Cycling – fb

ANZA Cycling Triathlon – fb

Banana Prata Triathlon Club – fb

Crazy2Tri – web

Crazy2Tri – fb

Dawn Riders – web

Dawn Riders – fb

Desaru Super Series Group (DSSG) – fb

“Don’t Think, Just Tri” – fb

MacRitchie Runners 25 – MR25 – web

MacRitchie Runners 25 – MR25 – fb

NTU Aquathlon – fb

SIM Aquathlon Club – web

SIM Aquathlon Club – fb

Singapore Duathletes – fb

Singapore Joyriders – web

Singapore Joyriders – fb

Singapore Open Water Swimmers – fb

Singapore Triathletes – fb

Singapore Youth Triathlon – fb

SMU Aquathlon (SMURTS) – fb

Team Bandung – fb

Team Next Stage – fb

Team NUS Aquathlon – fb

Terai-Melayu SG or Tri-Melayu SG – fb

Triathlon Family Singapore – web

Triathlon Family Singapore – fb


Local Commercial Triathlon & Multisport Training:

Ace-ndurance Triathlon Team – web

Ace-ndurance Triathlon Team – fb

Athlete Lab (Singapore) – web

Athlete Lab (Singapore) – fb

Beats Per Minute – web

Brown Bear Swimming – web

Coach Shem Run Class – web

F1 Runners Team – web

F1 Runners Team – fb

Fabian William Coaching Concept – web

Fabian William Coaching Concept – fb

Fishlike – web

Journey Fitness Company – web

Journey Fitness Company – fb

MetaSport – web

MetaSport – fb

Multisport & Science Training Institute – web

Multisport & Science Training Institute – fb

Multisports Optimal Training Systems – web

Multisports Optimal Training Systems – fb

Singapore Masters Swimming – web

Strongman Sports International – web

Swim Bike Run Singapore – web

Swim Bike Run Singapore – fb

Team New Moon Khcycle – web

Team New Moon Khcycle – fb

Team RunFanatics – web

Team RunFanatics – fb

Team RunFanatics – fb

Team TriZEN Sportz – web

Tri Adventure Endurance Sports Coaching – fb

Triathlon Guru – web

Triathlon Guru – fb

Tri Edge Triathlon Coaching – web

Tri Edge Triathlon Coaching – fb

Unpossible Fitness – web

Unpossible Fitness – fb

Yellowfish Swim – web

Yellowfish Swim – fb


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