Coached my best ever athlete, Vanja Cnops of Belgium = https://www.runsociety.com/interviews/vanja-cnops-blazing-the-tracks-trails-triathlons-and-beyond/

Coached my most difficult athlete = Esther Kang of Singapore

Heidi Allwes of Indiana/USA:

Jonathan Pereira provided a set of adult beginner swimming lessons for me during summer 2017. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I was only available for a short period; however, I am pleased to say that because of his skill in coaching I was able to make good progress in a very short time. I hope to start lessons back up with Jon as time allows in my schedule. Jon’s coaching skill surpasses anything I have experienced with past coaching through the YMCA and other private swim classes. I appreciated his tailored attention to the details and recommendations he provided specifically for me. He was able to provide an organized and efficient learning plan for me and make it simple to understand while at the same time not compromising the key aspects of proper techniques. Coaching is not only his passion but his natural talent.

I can highly recommend Jon for the opportunity that you have available. He is well suited to the challenges it provides.

credits: ted



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