Aug 2018 Update:

Singapore Triathlon Community Project 2018:

Triathlon Tips & Stroke Correction for Triathlon Swimming

Every Night – Monday to Thursday – 8 pm to 9 pm

Come to My Pool !

— $30.00 per session

— Whatsapp Me @ +1-812-230-4967 to arrange

Dear All,

Sep 2017: Coming out of retirement soon!


I am retired. I am based in USA now.

I will only come out of retirement and back to Singapore, IF you are an ambitious youth, looking for a coach to guide you in Triathlon. The Goal will be racing on the ITU Triathlon circuit, and representing our country, Singapore. Hard work and a lot of risks will be involved, as we may or may not succeed. IF you have the Passion, it is always worth the shot.

I am a hard person to contact and find. IF you are serious enough, I am sure you will find a way to contact me. I may be the coach suitable for you.

Have Fun in Triathlon!

Jonathan Pereira.



Welcome to Brown Bear Swimming !!


credits: jeana teo

insert: brown_bear_swim_team_members_2011


~~ The Relentless Pursuit of Swimming Excellence !! ~~


“Make the Kickboard your Best Friend. Attend every session with it. When you sleep, keep it nearby.” ~ Coach Jonathan


“Make the Black-line your Psychologist. When you are bored, talk to it.” ~ Coach Jonathan


“Life Is Worth Swimming” ~ The Race Club


 I Love Swimming Diligently in the Pool


My Personal Philosophy to Swimming:

  1. Always thriving for improvements
  2. One more skill set learnt & practised, is another weapon in my arsenal. It will only benefit me
  3. Age is just a number. Not an excuse from not wanting to learn
  4. Fear is an illusion. Fear should not stop one from achieving their goals & dreams
  5. Though impossible is nothing, humans need reality checks
  6. Patience
  7. No shortcuts


WARNING ALERT: drunk brown bears drinking bud light & swimming Not recommended….;p


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